Shopify AirPower. Supercharge your store with Airtable

Sync Airtable and Shopify for easy bulk editing, sales analytics, inventory management, order management and much MORE! The most advanced and customizable Airtable + Shopify sync out there

Link to AirPower app in Shopify App Store

Spend Less

Airtable replaces bulk editors, metafield editors, tag editors, and other Shopify apps

Fully In Control

You have access to all your data, in an easy to use, Excel-like spreadsheet format

Save Countless Hours

Save time by making product changes in Airtable, vs. Shopify's slow interface

Understand Your Business

Get a clear view of how your business is doing

How to use Airtable to be a Shopify master!

Why is Airtable the right tool for the job?

Use the power of Airtable to save time managing your Shopify store and save money by replacing other tools with one interface.

We make sure that you have all the Shopify data that you need in Airtable. After that, let your business mind roam wild and use Airtable to its full potential: create columns to track COGS and profitability, automatically hide sold-out products, use Airtable blocks, integrate Zapier as needed, and so much more!

Bi-directional! Changes you make in Shopify sync to Airtable, and changes you make in Airtable sync to Shopify
Excel-like spreadsheet interface. Allows you to quickly find and change any product property or meta. Let Airtable's rich filter and view options make your life easier!
Bulk product and variant editing. Save countless hours by editing any product or variant field right from Airtable's easy to use interface.
Bulk price changes. Change the price for each product and variant in bulk
Easiest bulk tag editing app out there. You don't need a separate app to bulk edit tags. Just use Airtable to save yourself hours.
Metafield editing. Edit the SEO and any custom metafields you need right from the Airtable spreadsheet view. No need for extra apps.
The most powerful sales and business metrics analysis tool. Use the pre-build analytics columns and relationships we've set up and add your own. No need for extra apps. Your profitability insights are right there!
Detailed Order data. We sync all the Order and Order Item data to facilitate your analysis and understanding of how your business is doing.
Easiest Setup. Works for an empty store or stores with products ready.
Fixed monthly charge. No matter how much data is synced.
Excellent Support. We pride ourselves on offering immediate and helpful support. Have a question or a feature request? Just reach out and we will help.
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