Shopify and Airtable Sync Template Bases

AirPower can be set up to work with any existing base you have, but if you are just starting the process of getting your Shopify data to sync with Airtable we recommend using one of our template bases as a starting point. We have three such bases:

Expanded template

Start off with this base if:

  • Have multiple variants per product, and
  • Want to track inventory levels at more than one Location in Shopify

Get the expanded template here

Compact template

Start off with this base if you:

  • Have one variant per product
  • Either don't track inventory levels in Shopify, or track inventory levels at only one location

Get the compact template here

Shopify Wholesale Draft Order form

Start off with this base if you are primarily looking to use Airtable to enter wholesale, draft orders.

Get the wholesale draft order form here

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