Manage Your Shopify Product and Variant Images

AirPower gives you the full ability add, update, and remove images from your Shopify products and variants. You can also easily modify the order of your images and set alt tags.

Adding images

With AirPower your product/variant images live on a separate table. If you are using one of our Airtable base templates then this table will be called Images. There are two ways to add images:

Option 1. Manually add rows to your Images table

To follow this method simply go to your Images table and add a new row. Upload the image into the "File" column, and link the image row with a product row (required) and a variant row (optional). You can also add an alt tag for each row image. If you are adding more than one image for a product then use the "Position" column to set the order of how you want the images to appear on your product page (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Option 2. Use our Power Images feature

Power Images is a special feature of AirPower that makes it faster to add images to your products and variants. Power Images allows you to add images to your products/variants from a file or URL directly to our product/variant table rows. To do so, add the following columns:

  • ∞ Add images from files - Upload files into this Attachment-type column and AirPower will take the files and add them to the product/variant
  • ∞ Add images from URLs - This has to be a Text-type column. Here you can enter a list of comma-separated URLs. AirPower will download each image, and send it to Shopify alongside the product/variant.

AirPower will create the corresponding rows in your Images table for any images created via the columns above. You can then modify alt tags from the Images table as normal. When using the "∞ Add images from URLs" Power Images column you can use straight image links, or links to publicly shared Dropbox files. In the Dropbox case AirPower detects that you are trying to add images from Dropbox and uses the Dropbox API to retrieve the images (something that the Shopify CSV importer just can't do).

Power Images columns

Updating images and their SEO data

Find the row that contains your image in your Images table. If you are using one of our template bases the Images table will already be set up with a column for the image Alt Tag and Position. The Alt Tag is the SEO-friendly description of the image that Google sees. The Position is a number value that specifies the order your images appear on the product page. Feel free to modify these two values as you need.

When you are done updating your images run an Airtable-to-Shopify sync, and the images will be updated in Shopify.

Removing images

To remove an image from a product/variant simply unlink the image row from your product/variant row. You can do this either from the table containing your products or variants, or from the table containing your Images. After you've unlinked your products/variants from the image, run an Airtable-to-Shopify sync.

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