How to sync Shopify order customizations

If you allow your Shopify store customers to add custom options to their orders you can set up AirPower to sync the selected customizations to your Airtable base. Since this is customer-entered data this sync only operates from Shopify to Airtable.

In Shopify custom order options live with Order Line Items, and not with Orders. This makes sense, as a customer of yours is customizing an individual product they are buying from you and they could be buying several items as part of the same order.

To set up AirPower to sync your custom order option values open the AirPower config interface, then go to the Column Mapping tab. Find the "Order Line Items" section and expand it. In the expanded section find the "Mapping Order Line Item Customizations To Columns" configuration. Here you create one entry for every custom option you'd like to sync. Custom order options in Shopify have a "name" value defined, so specify that "name" value for each option here, along with the column to which you want the data to sync. Keep in mind that you can have multiple customizations sync to the same Airtable column as long as those customizations are mutually exclusive - i.e., your customer can't set more than one of them - allowing you to reduce the number of columns.

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