How to bulk change Shopify product prices

If your Shopify data is synced with Airtable then changing your product prices in bulk is a breeze. Here's how.

With Shopify product prices are really stored with variants, not the products themselves. Even if your product does not have variants, e.g., sizes, Shopify always creates one variant by default. So, first things first you need to ensure that your AirPower sync configuration is set up to sync variant information between Shopify and Airtable.

Whether you are syncing variant data to the same table that stores your products (your base is similar to our compact template), or your variant data lives in its own table (your base is similar to our expanded template ), ensure that the "price" variant attribute is set up to sync bidirectionally with a column. Once this is done you are ready to go. Update the prices as you need to, and trigger an Airtable-to-Shopify sync. AirPower will sync the new price information up to Shopify.

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