How to publish/unpublish products

Publishing and unpublishing products helps you show/hide products from your store's customers, as well as set up Shopify to show a product at some future date and time. To use Airtable to publish/unpublish products, ensure that the Airtable sheet where your products are synced contains a column that syncs to the Shopify "published_at" field (ask the BaseGenius team if you need help here). Make this Airtable column be of the "Date" type. After you've set everything up you can use this new column as follows:

  1. If the Published At cell is empty then the product will be hidden from your store
  2. If the Published At cell contains a date & time that is in the past, the product will be visible in your store
  3. If the Published At cell contains a date & time in the future, then the product will become visible in your store when that exact date and time are reached

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