How to bulk edit Shopify data

Bulk updates to Shopify data are an area where Airtable particularly excels. Given Airtable's super intuitive interface, easy to use column and table management, and the reliability of Airtable ensure that bulk updates any data in your base is a breeze.

Bulk updating basics

In this example we'll show how to bulk update products, but the exact same process applies to variants, images, inventory, orders, draft orders, and customer data.

To bulk update products from Airtable to Shopify, first create an Airtable to Shopify sync profile. Open the profile and go to the Data Mapping tab. Open the Products section. Now, ensure that the product fields you want updated are mapped to columns in your base and that the mapping is enabled.

Now, make the necessary updates to the rows representing your Shopify products. For example, update the products' tags, or make individual changes to certain products you'd like to have reflected in Shopify in bulk.

When you are ready to make the update to Shopify just initiate the Airtable to Shopify sync.

Bulk updating only a subset of your data

By default, AirPower will pull all the data from every table you've elected to sync from Airtable to Shopify (e.g., Products) and sync all relevant fields to Shopify. This may end up taking a long time if you have a lot of data, and is undesirable if you want to update a fraction of your products, for example.

AirPower gives you the ability to select which rows will be pulled and sent to Shopify. The key tool here is Shopify views. Set up a view that will contain only those rows to be updated to Shopify, and tell AirPower to just look at that view. Rows can be added to the view manually (e.g., through a checkbox) or in an automated way via a formula (e.g., with a "Last modified time" column filter).

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