How to add Metafields to Shopify products using Airtable

Follow these steps to add new Metafields to your Shopify products by using Airtable.

First, we need to create the columns that we'll use to store the product Metafields:

  • Open the Airtable sheet where Shopify product information is synced to
  • Add a new text column for every Metafield you want to store, and give it an appropriate name
  • In the example image below we've added a column for a "Certifications" Metafield

Second, open the "Metafield Mappings" column and add a row for each new Metafield:

  • Put "Product" into the Resource column
  • Put "custom_fields" into the Namespace column
  • Put the name you want to use for your Metafield into the "Shopify Field" column
  • Fill out the "Airtable Sheet" and "Airtable Column Name" with the name of the Airtable sheet and column where the Metafield should synchronize to and from

In the example image below we've added a mapping for the Certifications Metafield we created earlier

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