Introduction to AirPower sync and configuration

An introduction to how AirPower works, how it integrates Shopify and Airtable, and how you can update the sync configuration. A great starting point for new users of AirPower

Setting up inventory sync

How to set up product inventory to sync between Shopify and Airtable

Using Airtable to add products to Shopify

How you can use Airtable to add new products and variants to your Shopify store

Syncing Shopify metafields with Airtable

See how you can set up metafield values to sync from Airtable

Adding images to Shopify products from Airtable

See how you can add and manage your Shopify products' images right from Airtable

Creating Draft Orders from Shopify

How to use Airtable to create new Draft Orders in your Shopify store
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